About Us

We have a history of running the egg & poultry business across North India for ages. Our family has been involved in the poultry agriculture, wholesale egg dealing and related businesses for the last 30 decades and more. We have noticed that there is a deficiency of visibility in the marketplace regarding the costs of egg, broiler and nourish ingredients etc. This website is a little effort targeted at helping poultry farmers & traders by offering them daily industry prices for egg and other poultry items. We believe that offering daily prices & up-dates will help both the small-scale and big-scale poultry farmers & traders to run their company more efficiently and hence will improve their productivity.

The one and only purpose of DAILY EGG RATES is to advertise reasonable business methods in the marketplace and offer equal advantage to the Chicken Farm owners as well as the Chicken Investors by offering them time-to-time details of the varying prices, moreover by offering them the Actual Market position through SMS.

However, these daily industry prices & up-dates will depend upon the demand/supply trend and will be as per the existing industry circumstances which are subject to modification at any time due to financial variations. The forecasts will be approximated according to the industry details gathered from poultry fraternity, thereby significance that the details would be true to the best of our information, understanding & study of the industry circumstances. Hence forth, we do not and would not in any way take any liability of a profit/loss (if any) happening to any poultry farmers & traders due to these prices. The poultry farmers & traders are genuinely advised to use their own company reasoning while doing any business (sale or purchase) depending on these prices. These prices are a sign and very subjective of industry circumstances, and hence may modify without prior notice due to any financial variations in the marketplace.

We hope the entire poultry community will advantage from this and will appreciate our effort & take it in the positive soul. Any suggestions to improve this effort are accepted and will be extremely appreciated!

OUR TEAM: Our human resources include industry’s leading professionals who follow standard company values into their specific websites which help our organization to mark better image into the industry. It is our recognized quality centric approach which victories us hundreds of new customers every season. Our appropriate distribution of solutions makes us the leader throughout the Industry and helps us building up our ever-increasing consumer base.

To become the most desired details offering website in the Native indian Chicken Industry by 2015.

Enhance our solutions to records information and details to our customers and accomplish as a information for a reasoning centered choice making