About Poultry

The Chicken Business in Native indian is an old & traditional practice and this industry is one of the important members to the economy of non-urban and semi-urban Native indian. As per the reviews, the Native indian poultry was approximated at around Rs. 49,000 crores this year end, and is likely to cross Rs. 1.32 lakh crore mark by 2015. Since the last several years or so the poultry industry has been approximated to have experienced a stable development of around 11% – 12% each season, which is predicted to improve to around 15% to 20% in the future. The reviews also imagine a strong development for the egg and poultry various meats industry of Native indian, both in city and non-urban Native indian, in the next two decades. Further, Native indian is the fifth biggest manufacturer of egg and 9th biggest manufacturer of poultry various meats amongst all the nations. The poultry industry of Native indian produced over 50 immeasureable egg and around 3 thousand plenty of poultry various meats in the financial season 2011. The researching the industry report of the poultry company in Native indian found that egg intake amount in Native indian has grown at a much faster speed, than the intake of poultry various meats. Moreover, with the constant rise in purchasing power capacity, the amount of intake is approximated to multiple by the end of the season 2020, which is a great sign for the development of poultry industry.

The average per household poultry (broiler) various meats intake in Native indian has increased from an approximated 1 kg in 2000 to an approximated 3 kg this year, and predicted to keep rising higher per season. The total egg intake is approximated to touch 106 billion dollars in the season 2020 from 34 billion dollars in 2000. These reports speak that there has been and is going to be an explosion in the Chicken industry. Currently, the Chicken Business in Native indian generates around 2.86 thousand plenty of egg (around 55 to 60 billion dollars egg in numbers) and an approximated 3.2 thousand loads of poultry various meats. The Native indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu cumulatively produce around 50% of the India’s egg manufacturing while the southern and central parts of Native indian consideration for around 25% of egg manufacturing.

The structure of India’s poultry industry is different and small-scale manufacturer’s consideration for the large of manufacturing while large-scale manufacturers accounts for a growing share of outcome in some areas. The Chicken Business in Native indian provides employment to an approximated over 2 thousand people among which around 80 % are directly employed, while the rest 20 % is involved with its allied areas like in nourish, medication, equipment, and other solutions as required by the poultry industry. Moreover, this industry also includes additional employees of around 1.6 thousand, mainly involved with in promotion and sales of poultry items. Native indian exports poultry items like table-eggs, various meats, live parrots, egg powdered and freezing yolk to various nations.

Although, the Native indian poultry industry has been displaying significant development due to modern methods of poultry agriculture but a major area of the industry still is affected with some primary issues, like the following -

  • Lack of appropriate primary facilities like storage space facility, transportation, cold storage space chains
  • Highly variations in the price of poultry products
  • Unorganized and ineffective promotion system
  • Interference of many industry intermediaries
  • Lack of appropriate information about disease & nutrition
  • Lack of visibility in the costs of egg & poultry items.